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Respected Highness Hohly Pope A letter from India to Pope of Hearts Pope Francis I

Respected Highness Holy Pope,
We thre family from Chennai, India have got immnese pleasure about yourascending to the entire world. I am C. Edwarrd belong to a Roman Catholic Family in India and having three daughters.

Greetings and Blessings to Family C.Edward in Chennai India www.PopeofHearts.com

Greetings and Blessings to Family C.Edward in Chennai India http://www.PopeofHearts.com

They sare studying in Mathematics Rosary Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai in India. We the family and our family members are haooy that Almighty Jesus Christ has adorned a crown as pope. I have seen at the time of you assumed charge of God´s will at Vatican City that You have delivered some Gospel words in the presence of public who gathered at the premises of St Peter´s Square and the way of approasching wasd inspired by entire world. Almighty God will give all prosperous future and good health to you.

We prasy for you in our daily prayersand you also should pray for us.

Loving in God    C. Edward   Chennai    India